Unity, Power & Anointing

Today in the church world, among those that believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, there is a desire for anointing and power to do the work of the Lord. Many people believe that there should be a greater move of the Lord and wonder why there isn't more power. The lack of power primarily is related to the lack of unity within the true Apostolic church particularly within the local congregation. The Bible informs us that on the Day of Pentecost the 120 believers were unified "...with one accord in one place (Acts 2:1)." Here we see thinking that is foreign to many professing Christians today. Not only were the believers in on accord, they were in one place! The believers didn't stay home thinking that they could worship the Lord just as well at home but gathered together. This unity allowed for the full power and working of the Holy Ghost to produce a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit.

We find this pattern of unity and gathering together in one place repeated throughout the Bible. At the dedication of the temple of Solomon there was an outpouring of God's Spirit which foreshadowed the Day of Pentecost. In II Chronicles 5:13-14 it states, "It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound...that then the house was filled with a cloud...So that the priests could not stand to minister...for the glory of the LORD had filled the house." We see the unity is one of the key features mentioned.

Psalm 133 reveals that unity in the church is pleasant and then compares it to the anointing of Aaron. The psalm is referring to the anointing of Aaron as the first high priest of Israel. The picture given shows that anointing starts with the head and flows to the rest of the body. This was true for the early church. The anointing started with the head [Jesus] (Luke 4:18) and flowed from the head to the body. Peter explained on the Day of Pentecost that it was Jesus that was sending the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:33). Let us strive for unity in the church not just in attitude and heart but also in gathering together for worship so that we can see the power of the Lord move.

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