July 2019   
Upcoming Events


Special Speaker
10:00 AM
Bro. Mark Johnson, Pastor of Fountain of Truth, Bartlett, TN
Prayer 30 minutes before servive
Music Practice
4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Special Speaker
6:00 PM
Bro. Mark Johnson, Pastor of Fountain of Truth, Bartlett, TN
Prayer 30 minutes before service


Men's Prayer
6:00 AM to 7:00 AM
Ladies’ Prayer
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Adult Bible Study, Youth Group, Children's Church
7:00 PM
Worship and Bible study
Prayer 30 minutes before service




Men's Fellowship
6:30 PM
Inquire for location


Worship and Sunday School
10:00 AM
Prayer 30 minutes before service
Evangelistic Service
6:00 PM
Prayer 30 minutes before service
Bible Search
From the Pastor
Be Looking for the Harvest
Are You Looking for the Promise?
Putting Things Into Perspective
Close Enough to Know
Spirits of the Age
We Are Called to Serve
The Faith and the Foundation
Faith and Desire
We Have the Victory
Believing an Old Promise
The Meaning of the Resurrection
Hope - An Overlooked Attitude
From the Pastor's Wife
We Have Found Him
Christianity Begins in the Home
Revelation Brings Responsibility
Blessed is the Man
Rest in the Lord
The Blessings of a Contrite and Humble Heart
The Blessed Hope
Rest in Him
The Promise and Joy of a Harvest
Love Is a Restraining Force
It's Time to Sow
A Window of Opportunity
Jesus Our Rock
The Wise Men and Their Gifts
The Highest Form of Honor and Worship
A Peculiar Treasure
Time to Stand for Truth
The Church's Witness
Don't Yield to Bitterness
A Mother's Day Reflection from the Pastor's Wife
Misunderstanding Others' Actions
Don't Get Weary of Serving Jesus
You Will Be Witnesses
Focus for 2016
We Must Tear Down the High Places
Where Are Your Eyes?
The Lord's Plan
About Our Father's Business
The Lord Values Us
Humility and Pride
We Have Found Him
God Will Speak
Trust in the Lord
Lean Not on Your Own Understanding
God Is on the Throne
Fear Breeds Misunderstanding
Securing Your Mind
Fight the Good Fight of Faith
We Can Witness Through Works
Press Toward the Mark
The Lord Is in Control
Look Up...Your Redemption Draws Nigh
Giving Thanks - The Will of God
The Love of God
Relationship Affects Our Circumstances
The Secret of Reconciliation
Our Afflictions Work for Us
Keep Praying for Revival
What Are You Building?
Resurrection Means Reconciliation
The Kingdom of God
God's Promises
You Are Their Bible
Revive Us Again
We Must Pray for Revival
The Judgment of God
Prayer Can Change Things
Thank God for the Truth
Will You Miss Your Opportunity?
From the Pastor April 2012
From the Pastor's Wife
Established and Fruitful
Serving Jesus with an Anticipation
Our Reliance Must Be In Jesus
Prosperity & Success
Camp Don't-Be-Gone (From the Pastor's Wife)
Biblical Principles for Church Growth
Be Ready for the Harvest
Where Are Your Affections?
The Lord's Purpose
Pride vs. Faith
Following the Lord
God's Methods
Press Through
The Secret of Reconciliation