Some Principles of Witnessing

While we must keep in mind that only the Lord gives the increase that grows the Church, we still need to be sowing the seed of the Word of God (Matthew 16:18, I Corinthians 3:6-7). Witnessing is part of the process of sowing the seed of the Word. When we are witnessing, there are a number of items that we need to keep in mind:


1. We must be prepared to witness with the proper attitude. Be prepared to tell what you believe, and be ready for unexpected opportunities (I Peter 3:5, II Timothy 4:1-2).

2. We need to have joy, which gives us the strength to sow but also helps to water the seed (Psalm 126:5-6).

3. We need to sow in faith. The seed is good, and a harvest can occur in unexpected places (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6).

4. We must have a burden -- he that goes forth weeping. A burden will help a person perform the labor required to sow (Psalm 126:5-6).

5. Recognize that you do make a difference, even if you don't like you do. We are light and salt (Matthew 5:13-16, Philippians 2:15).

6. Remember that there is a blessing in witnessing. Blessed are they that sow beside all waters (Isaiah 32:30).

7. Remember that it takes wisdom to win souls. We need to ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment when witnessing; each person is different (Proverbs 11:30).

8. Always keep in mind that it is the Lord that gives the increase that produces a harvest.


We know that the seed of the Word is good seed, but we need to go about planting using the proper God-given methods. If we will sow the Word properly and prepare for the harvest, the Lord will bring an increase.

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