Securing Your Mind

In First Peter, Peter reminds the believers that they are part of the elect through the foreknowledge of God, and that by the Spirit of God they have an incorruptible inheritance and have received a salvation experience that Old Testament prophets had desired to know. Based on the believers' calling, Peter then encourages the believers to gird up the loins of their mind. (I Peter 1:13) How does a person gird up the loins of their mind? 

To “gird up” was a common expression in Bible times which usually referred to securing the garment or some piece of armor for travel or battle. Since the loins were considered to be the center of strength and girded loins symbolized readiness, Peter was telling believers to secure their minds and be ready for service to the Lord.

How do we secure our minds and make it ready for service? We use the Word of God to prepare our minds for the journey of faith that we all must take as born again believers. When we consider the salvation the Lord has provided for us with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the promises that we have in the Word of God and in the presence of the Lord, these thoughts should help secure our mind. 

We need to think soberly of what salvation means and secure our minds with the promises of the Lord, particularly in the times we live in. We are living in a society and world that tries to make it seem as though God doesn’t exist and is, at best, a nice idea. But Peter reminds us to gird up (secure, fasten) our minds, think soberly (according to the Word of God) because there will come an ultimate day of the revelation of Jesus to thewhole world and we will receive the end of our faith, even our salvation.

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